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Hill Classical Middle School is part of the Long Beach Unified School District within the county of Los Angeles. It is located in a suburban neighborhood, but serves a predominately urban student population who travel from across the city. Hill was a year-four program improvement school in the year 2000. However the school reinvented itself, creating the “Classical” concept, which governs the school’s program and gives the school its unique structure and focus.

The school’s mission statement is, “Hill Classical Middle School, a school of choice, challenges students to master the basics and explore unlimited possibilities in technology, fine arts, and foreign language. The diverse student community is empowered to meet higher standards of character and academic performance in an enriching, supportive environment that prepares them for high school and beyond.” The staff articulates this vision through a set of shared beliefs and expectations. It includes the fusion of the basics in literacy and math and the curriculum provided in both core and elective classes. A school-wide writing focus centers the school community.

Hill places a high value on teamwork, high expectations, data driven action, and the creation of a positive learning environment. Using the Safe and Civil Schools’ Philosophy and Professional Development Model, there are many school-wide procedures in place which lay out behavioral and academic expectations. Hill has created a culture that facilitates learning and respect throughout the campus. Technology is infused into the core curriculum in such a way that it supports standards-driven learning.
As a National Blue Ribbon School, Hill Classical Middle School, ranks among the highest improving schools in all of California. In the last eight years Hill’s API grew 235 points. Now Hill’s API exceeds district averages for every group of students. Hill has earned the Title 1 Achieving Schools Award for the last four years, the Dispelling the Myth Award, recognition in Standard’s and Poor’s for Closing the Achievement Gap, and the California Distinguished Schools Award.

These honors are attributed to the continuous improvement cycle and use of data by everyone-including students. They set academic achievement goals and track their progress toward meeting them. The campus culture at Hill promotes an environment where students feel safe to learn, are respected and respectful, and academic achievement is always put first.


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